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Jason Davis



OBJECTIVE:  Looking for a web developer position that gives me the opportunity to utilize my current skills and learn new cutting-edge technologies and best practices.


SKILLS SUMMARY:  HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Node.js, MVC, DOM, Responsive Design, XML, GIT, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Actionscript 3 / Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audacity, Phaser.js



Stone Cobra                                       Javascript Engineer                                              

8/15 – 9/15

Stone Cobra is a development firm that provides software services and support for other companies.

  • Utilized a Git workflow for team collaboration
  • Created a Node.js Proxy Server


Skills Used:   Node.js, Express.js, GIT, JavaScript, JSON


Internet Marketing Bar                     Front-End /Full-Stack Developer             

 10/14 – 2/15

IMB is a marketing company that specializes in building tools and platforms for blogging and marketing professionals. The current project is building a WordPress multisite for a company client.

  • Designed responsive layouts for website using Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation.js
  • Worked with PHP image compression library ( Tim Thumb )
  • Coded custom settings into WordPress admin panel and theme settings with PHP and CSS
  • Built web-based tools for marketing with Javascript and JQuery
  • Conducted quality assurance tests and fixed bugs on WordPress Themes
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Handle cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Utilized a Git workflow for team collaboration
  • Used Agile methodologies with a Jira Kanban board
  • Upgraded Chrome Extensions
  • Handled daily support ticket fixes
  • Continuous integration


Skills Used:   HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation.js, GIT, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery-UI, HTML2Canvas, WordPress, Vagrant


Shapers                                               Full-Stack Developer/Designer                   

05/13 – 1/15

Shapers is a nutritional company that specializes in unique approaches to a healthier lifestyle. The main project was building a website app of their 6-week program, geared toward kids.

  • Designed responsive layout for website using Twitter Bootstrap and media queries
  • Integrated ecommerce with Stripe API, PHP and MySQL
  • Used Codeigniter for routing and server-side form validation
  • Created dynamic graphs with Charts.js and MySQL
  • Created a responsive painting tool with the Canvas API, Javascript, and Bootstrap
  • Merged video with dynamic content using Wistia API, Javascript, and PHP
  • Used Javascript, JQuery, JQuery-UI, and CSS to build animations and game-like activities
  • Utilized Google Analytics


Skills Used:   HTML5, CSS3, CodeIgniter, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Analytics, Business/Marketing





MAVRIC Media                                              Full-Stack Developer                        

10/12 – 12/12

MAVRIC Media is a technology company that specializes in high speed data transfer. The main project was the creation of a software system that was able to transfer very large amounts of data in a few minutes. My role was to update the web interface and backend PHP scripting for this system.

  • Implemented updates to proprietary API in PHP
  • Installed “Swift Mailer” PHP email library and functions
  • Wrote PHP/MySQL queries to database
  • Completed front end layout changes with Javascript, JQuery and CSS


Skills Used:   HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, XML, Data Recovery


Pr-Pros                                                            Full-Stack Developer                        

06/12 – 08/12

PR Pros is a marketing company that also specializes in web sites that corners niche markets. The main project at the time was creating a website that allowed for the buying and selling of mining claims. My role was to update the web interface and backend PHP scripting for this system. Plus repair old programming bugs from the previous developer.

  • Implemented technical updates to HTML5 front-end and PHP back-end of websites
  • Completed front end layout changes with Javascript, JQuery and CSS3
  • Used JQuery and JSON to transfer data between the front and back-ends
  • Optimized file and coding structures
  • Troubleshooting  coding errors


Skills Used:   HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON


Enviro Cop                                                     Lead Programmer                             

11/10 – 04/11

Enviro Cop was a start-up game company that focused on raising environmental awareness through fun, interactive gameplay. The main project at the time was creating a social, environmentally-based game on Facebook, and a website to introduce their company. My role was to design the development approach and take the ideas of the CEO from concept to something game playable.

  • Designed & implemented technical approaches to launching Flash social games on Facebook
  • Managed and coordinated programming team
  • Created layout mock-ups of User-Interface in Photoshop and HTML5
  • Setup email system for company


Skills Used:   HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Flash



Bachelor of Science, Gaming & Simulation Programming

Devry University                                                                                                             Elk Grove, CA

Dates Attended: 2008 – 2012

Anticipated Graduation: September 2016


Computer Science / General Education

ITT Technical Institute                                                                                                   Rancho Cordova, CA

Dates Attended: 2006 – 2008


Classes – Logic & Design, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Data Structure & Artificial Intelligence, Layout Design & Typography



Python, angular.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, impress.js, crafty.js,  PhoneGap, Sass, Android development




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